Bikini Series Week 2

The end of week 2 represents 25% of the Bikini Series has been completed. Sadly I have to admit that week 2 was not as good as my first week. I was not diligent about sticking to the workouts; in fact there were 2 days where I didn’t workout at all. I also was about 50/50 with TIU approved meals. I can easily identify why: it was that time of the month for me which means my snacking and chocolate cravings were through the roof! And I was off work 2 days and out-of-town 2 days, so my routine was out the window.

I have come to notice that when my routine is off, or non-existent, I struggle to maintain any sort of schedule. I really want to work on being more flexible while still following through with my intentions. Just because I don’t go to work, then gym, then dinner does not mean my whole day of meals and workouts should go out the window. Β Luckily Week 3 will give me the perfect opportunity to test and push myself; I am away from home for a work conference until Wednesday evening.

Luckily I got back on track today, Sunday, with a solid 5 TIU approved meals, and did the 5 Daily moves with a 20 minute treadmill walk. Did my 5K walk yesterday because I knew today would be busy with first day of conference activities.

Meal prep for Week 3 meant finding a grocery store and getting some Greek yogurt cups, apples, and protein bars to be my M1, M2, and M3 for my conference days. I am determined to stay Lean, Clean, Green with my lunches and dinners even though they will be eaten out.Β And thankfully my hotel has a gym so I can still manage my workouts.

Overall, week 2 was a bump in the road. There are 6 more weeks to go and I plan to knock them out of the park!! Let’s do this TIU Babes πŸ™‚

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