My Morning Routine

With the start of my first real grown up job 2 years ago, I realized that I was going to need to step up my morning routine. As a student and veterinary technician, my long time morning routine was quick and simple. Minimal fuss, minimal time to do anything and minimal effort. And that really worked for me since I am in no way a morning person by any definition.

But I slowly realized that with a new job, a consistent schedule, and having finally finished school I needed to work on developing a morning routine that really set me up to have the best day I could.

*Before I launch into what my current morning routine looks like, please know that this was a very long process and I still have mornings where I sleep until last possible moment. But what has changed, is that I now know how having a good morning routine can really make a difference. Those days where I don’t give myself time I usually feel rushed and frustrated with myself.

So let’s get into the nitty-gritty; the following is my go-to morning routine for weekdays (weekends are another story).

WAKE UP: My alarm goes off at 6AM and this gives me an hour and 50 mins before I have to leave for work at 7:50.
The alarm is just an inexpensive standard clock I bought off Amazon; I needed something other than the phone because it was too easy to just swipe the phone alarm off and roll over in bed.

I put my alarm across the room, so that I have to physically get out of bed to shut it off. I also use the obnoxious beeping sound that gets louder the longer it goes. From here I usually stumble to the kitchen and set up the coffee maker if I forgot to set up the auto brew the night before.

6am wakeup

On a really good day, I will have remembered to pull out my workout clothes the night before! (Don’t mind the time on clock; gotta work with the lighting when its good).

WORK OUT: This part has been the biggest struggle for me; almost entirely a failure but I am hoping to change that. I occasionally would do some stretching or yoga to warm up, but with embarking on Tone It Up’s 8 week Bikini Challenge I will be doing daily morning workouts.


SHOWER: After working out, I will pop in the shower either for a quick rinse off or full shampoo and hair care. I try not to shampoo my hair every day so some showers are quicker than others.


I have recently been using a little aromatherapy in my morning showers to really invigorate myself. I take a few drops of bergamot and grapefruit or basil on a damp wash cloth and hang it in the shower with me. It really gives me a little boost; plus it smells delicious πŸ™‚










HAIR, SKIN, & CLOTHES: Generally I try to pick my outfit out the night before and have it ready to go so one less thing I have to think about in the AM. Meanwhile, I finish my skin care routine which is pretty simple in the morning and dry my hair if it was a shampoo day.


BREAKFAST: For most of my life I was very anti-breakfast. I wasn’t someone who woke up hungry and also just never gave myself the time. But recently I have been having a smoothie or some yogurt and granola. Since this I have found that I don’t get the munchies around 10 or 11 at work, and even feel the need to eat less at lunch. I have also found that it is nice to sit with my boyfriend for a few minutes before we each go about our day.

MAKEUP: This is usually one of my last steps, and if time is running short it’s the one thing that gets cut. My daily makeup is usually pretty quick: a light weight foundation with medium coverage, some blush and bronzer, and some quick eyeshadow with a swipe of mascara. Other days its just powder foundation and mascara as I am running out the door.


So there you have it, this working girl’s AM routine for getting up and getting together and still making it out the door on time…..more or less πŸ˜‰


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