Tone It Up: why I am so excited I finally joined the Team

I truly believe that beauty is more than just the surface; its more than having sleek hair and the perfect makeup. Beauty, to me, is about feeling good with your body and how you look at any moment. An overall healthy lifestyle is as much a beautiful life as taking the time to put on a full face and straighten my hair. I also feel that the more beautiful you feel inside, the less of the surface beauty you need to use to feel good.

One of my 2017 goals was to be more active and work out more and eat healthier. Well, to certain degrees I have been successful, but its been very much a fluctuation. There will be weeks that are great and I eat clean and work out 5 days. Then there are the weeks where I don’t get to the gym at all and eat takeout more than anything. But I still really want to focus on this goal, and wanted to make it more consistent. Enter Tone It Up! I really struggle to find the best way to define what Tone It Up is clearly.

It’s a health and fitness community.
It’s a clean eating lifestyle.
It’s a subscription service with new material constantly released.
It’s a business owned by 2 awesome women, with content made just for women.
It’s about learning to love yourself and be positive, confident, and happy.

The Tone It Up community is something I have known about for a while, and been interested in for a little over a year. A great friend joined the program a while ago and she always raved about it, but I just never felt like I was in a place to really need or appreciate the program. But with my new focus on a better overall life, I looked into the program and discovered their 2017 8 week Bikini Challenge would begin at the end of April.
This was it, the final push that made me take the plunge join the community fully!! And since I signed up (Wednesday the 12th) I have been so excited and thrilled with my decision 🙂

What is Tone It Up??
A brief overview of Tone It Up is helpful, because there really is a lot going on behind the 2 gorgeous ladies, Karena and Katrina, who created this wold.

There is both free content and paid content available. You can sign up to join the community with only an email and receive select recipes and access to the Daily Workouts. There are multiple Facebook groups that you can also join, like the international Tone It Up girls as well as local groups of lovely ladies just like you. This free content is a good intro to the world, but over the past year I found myself just ignoring the emails and never doing the Daily Workouts (even though they are book marked for easy access).

The paid content is where you really get the full “Fab, Fit, Fierce” experience. K&K have developed a nutrition plan, and an accompanying recipe book, that is quite comprehensive. There are multiple versions for anyone with dietary restrictions. Now to purchase the Nutrition Plan it currently costs $199.

But wait before the freak out over paying $200 for a cook book!! For that money, you get way more than just a pdf to print out. You pay the fee ONE time, and become a LIFETIME member who gets access to all past and future content they develop. For $199, you will get access to exclusive workout videos as well as the three 8 week challenges they create and release each year. If you really wanted you could access past challenges to fill in the time between new ones.

What is the Bikini Challenge??
The Bikini Challenge is what really made me decide to take the plunge. The 8 week Bikini Challenge is an 8 week workout and meal program that K&K put together with every thing mapped out for us who want to get that “bikini bod” in time for summer. I mean how much more easy can they make it for us?

As a member (you have to pay the $199 to get this program) you get a daily schedule for 8 weeks worth of meals and daily workouts. You get weekly shopping lists with everything needed to make the daily meals. You get specific daily workouts with videos of the moves.

What is great is that Tone It Up generally releases these awesome bundles for new members around each new 8 week challenge release. This is what I jumped on! For $199, you get the full nutrition guide, the Bikini challenge with exclusive workouts, and a bunch of awesome goodies.

TIU bundle.png

To be honest, it was totally the bag that got me…and the towel….and the sunglasses 🙂

I am so excited to finally be a full member of the Tone It Up team, and can’t wait to start the challenge!! I know it will be tough, but what is great is the community of kind and supportive women who are there for each other, even on the bad days.

Stay tuned for updates as the challenge progress!!


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