Why I Started Blogging….and Will Keep Blogging

Hey everyone,
Wow feels like its been forever since I sat down and wrote a post. But then again, it has been about a month so….yeah. Anyway, I finally wanted to sit down and get back to blogging after a rough February and a some second thoughts about this whole adventure.

February was crazy busy with work traveling and then getting sick and just feeling kind of ‘meh’. I have taken to calling it the #FebruaryFunk: it’s that time of the year where the days are still short and cold, but there is no holiday excitement to cheer people on; when it is easier to come home and snuggle up on the couch with Criminal Mind re-runs; when everything that requires any extra effort just kind of seems difficult and unnecessary. I can admit that the #FebruaryFunk really kicked my butt this year, and man was I tempted to just walk away from this. I mean, I came up with a handful of reasons about why it was too much or why it just was redundant.

There are hundreds of bloggers out there, why do I need to add to it? Who will actually read my little blog compared to the ‘big names’? I’m not focused enough on one thing, and should be better at “branding” myself. I can’t keep buying new products to test out, so how can I stay current? These were just some of the excuses to justify my quitting and doubts I had.

But then I realized if I quit, just when it got a little difficult, I’m would be giving into the same pattern that gets me every time I made a New Year’s resolution or tried to institute a  major life change. After that the doubt and laziness passed and I got angry at myself; I’m always telling friends and family how I am so frustrated with myself for giving up and quitting too easily. I was tired of it and I started to think about why I really started this and what I wanted to get out of it. I realized I wanted to write for myself; not because I wanted free products or to become the next big thing on social media. I want to write because I enjoy it and hopefully there are some people out there that will enjoy what I write. I want to write because I want to push myself to make changes and follow through.

They say March comes in like a lion, and out like a lamb. I can certainly say with this new month I am feeling motivated and strong like a lion.  With March came a new outlook and some new resolve; I am going to keep doing exactly what I want to do. Blogging about beauty and bullet journaling. I am feeling refreshed and can’t wait to dive back into Beauty and Bullet Journaling with new content. Most of all, I look forward to continue doing something I like!!

~Caitlin of Beauty and Bullet Journaling

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