Skin Care Lovers, say Hello to HelloAva Beauty!!

*Note: All links provided are strictly for my readers’ benefit. This post is not sponsored, and only contains my own thoughts and opinions. I purchased these products personally.**

For all the skin care addicts out there, who like me are overwhelmed by the hundreds of choices online and in stores, there may finally be a solution!! HelloAva Beauty, “the brains behind your beauty”, is a newly formed skin care service with a new take on consultations and shopping for skin care. And it all revolves around that little thing that just about everyone has with them all the time…..their cell phone.

HelloAva Beauty claims to be a “tech-enabled beauty personalization startup”. After having gone through the process I think they do really measure up to their claims of tech enabled and beauty personalization.  This post will take you through the process (spoiler: it is super easy) and my thoughts about the company and concept as a whole. I will also share the products I received, but haven’t started using them all yet so no big reviews.

So how does it work?
I entered my email and cellphone on HelloAva’s website and within 24 hours I received a text message from “Ava”. From there Ava and I chatted, all via text about my skin care type and concerns, as well as what products I was looking for. For anyone thinking “holy cow I would be writing novels about my skin in each text” don’t worry, the questions Ava asks are very straightforward. They generally have listed out responses, so you only have to respond with the corresponding number. Ava starts with 5 questions, including a request for a selfie ;). These first questions are pretty basic: name, age, major skin care concern and products you are looking for. They also ask for a selfie; I know the thought of sending a stranger a selfie (with no makeup mind you) was cringe worthy, but I figured go big or go home!

After this, Ava asks some more detailed questions but still easy to answer. This time there are 12 questions. They give you the opportunity to pass and just get products suggested from the first round, but I wanted to get the full experience. All the questions were simple, but well thought out. I don’t want to give away Ava’s magic, but some questions include “Two to three hours after applying moisturizer your cheeks are:?” and “What happens after you have had many days of consecutive sun exposure?” They also ask about tanning history and about the air quality where you live (P.S. I totally had to wing that one lol).

For those of you with specific products or ingredients that you love, you can tell Ava you want to have those in your routine.

Again for each question, there is a numbered response list so you only have to text back the number corresponding to your answer. Really it takes longer to reply “lol” to your friend’s cat meme they sent you. Start to finish, this took me less than an hour and I was sitting on a train to NY as the time.

Products suggested for me:
I asked for a whole new routine, just to see what Ava would recommend. She suggested a cleanser, exfoliator, eye cream, day moisturizer (with SPF!) and night moisturizer.  Out of the 5 products, there was only 1 company I had never heard of. Some of the specific products I had seen mention, but hadn’t considered. Others I thought would never work on my skin type.

When Ava suggested products, you get some info about why that product was chosen for you, which usually includes some of the ingredients and how it will help your specific skin care concerns. Also provided is the price for the product and an image.

hello ava products.jpg

PRODUCT 1: Boscia Detoxifying Black Cleanser

PRODUCT 2: Neogen DermalogyBio-Peel Gauze Peeling in Lemon
* This was the company I had never heard of, can’t wait to try these out once I finish off some other products*

PRODUCT 3: Korres Wild Rose Instant Brightening Eye Treatment

PRODUCT 4: Daytime First Aid Beauty 5 in 1 Face Cream with SPF 30

PRODUCT 5: belief The True Cream Aqua Bomb

Love the cute, handwritten personalized note that was included in the shipment 🙂

**You never have to provide any credit card info via text, and they don’t ask for that up front. You could go through this whole process and get your recommendations and just save them for a later date to purchase yourself. If you decided to purchase though HelloAva, they send you a link to a secure site where you enter your payment info. They cover the cost of shipping, and purchasing from them also gets you continued access to Ava for future questions or concerns.

I went ahead and treated myself to the whole routine, and purchased from Ava. I ordered the package on a Wednesday evening, and it arrived Friday!! Awesome shipping speed and everything shipped in good condition. I was good and told myself I couldn’t open up everything until I had used some of my other products. But I did start using the belief Aqua Bomb and the Korres eye cream ( I was out of a night moisturizer and hadn’t been using an eye cream).

belief’s aqua bomb was a product I had heard about and looked into but thought it would be too much for my oily-prone skin….boy was I wrong!!! I am totally in love with this 🙂 I can’t believe how soft and supple my skin feels each morning after applying this. And I am no more oily then I normally would be.

The Korres eye cream has a sadder ending, but even with that Ava again knocks it out of the park. So I started using the eye cream each morning when 3 or 4 days later I noticed that I was getting some red spots directly (and I mean directly) under my eye. At first I just thought it was a broken blood vessel, but it seemed like the spot was raised and turning into a little pimple. It didn’t take me long to realize it was most likely a reaction to the eye cream. I emailed HelloAva on a Wednesday afternoon explaining the situation and asking what they could do. I mean this was a $38 eye cream. Within 5 minutes of sending the email, Ava had texted me. It was no problem at all to send the cream back and get a refund. They sent me a USPS shipping label and I just dropped it in the mail. Ava and I chatted for a few minutes about the other products I had used so far, and ended with an open invitation to text any time I had questions or wanted a suggestion for a new product.

Overall thoughts:

  • I loved the concept of being able to text someone and get products suggested. It saves me the time of having to wade though the massive amount of info on the internet. And there is always the chance I could miss out on something (like the Neogen peel pads) but Ava has my back.
  • It was super easy to answer the questions which were good questions. Not like some of the other online “personalized” skin quizzes I have seen which ask like 3 generic questions.
  • The shipping speed was crazy fast 🙂
  • Their customer service was great regarding returns and refunds! They certainly seem to be invested in their keeping their clients happy

I really liked HelloAva so far, and when I am looking for a new product or replacement, I may very well take Ava up on her help!

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