My Bullet Journal Collections: What I’m Tracking….and planning too.

My Bullet Journal is still a work in progress, but I am adding all kinds of trackers and collections almost daily. So I wanted to take a moment and share some of my collections, and also see what other people use. I am always looking for ideas to improve my beginner bullet journal and build.

The first tracker, and one of my most important, is the “Weekly Savings Challenge” tracker. See my previous blog post about the WSC and how I am tracking it. Since I devoted a whole post to this, I’m going to keep it short and move on to the next one.

Up next, I have “More Dates, More Often!” This was another New Year’s resolution that was important to me. Life gets so busy sometimes, and couples can really sink into a routine. I find it is too easy to say that a movie on the couch is a “date” or come up with some excuse to why we can’t go out (the weather or money). And as time goes on it just gets harder and harder to break out of that rut. So for 2017 I decided that I really wanted to get out and do more dates with my boyfriend.
*Disclaimer: my boyfriend has never complained and is, in my opinion, the best guy in          the world :). But I truly feel that no matter how long you are together (2.5 years and                going) dating is truly important to any relationship.***

Now back to your regularly scheduled blog post: My date tracker is a way to be more conscious about taking the time to date more. I gave each month a little block and will add the date and a quick note to remember. I can’t wait to fill each month up; and at the end of the year review all of our fun adventures!!


Then comes my routine review; one for AM and one for PM. This is a spread where I can write out my morning and evening routines, as well as write out things I want to try incorporating into my routines. It’s a quick and simple spread; not too interactive when compared to others but it’s nice to keep things simple sometimes.

Following the routine is my yearly tracker of monthly tasks (I have got to come up with a better name). This is the place where I track all my tasks that need to be done only once a month, like change my contacts or give the dog his flea meds. I use to just make a note on the monthly spread of my Plum Paper planner, but found it just wasn’t working. This tracker shows me my whole year at one time, and I can easily see if there is a task (cleaning my makeup brushes) that hasn’t been done in a few months. I can then prioritize the tasks that have been forgotten for a few months.

yearly:monthly tracker.jpg

And after that are two of my running lists: one for books to read and one for my sephora wishlist. The Books to Read list is a place for me to note the books that I want to read, and their publication date. Once the book it is finished, the little box gets filled to track my progress and how much I am reading a year. I find that I will often see a book and think, “oh that sounds nice” but then forget about it. This way I can write the title down as soon as I see it and when I need a new book, I have a great list to consult.

books to read.jpg

My sephora wishlist, which really includes products from places other than sephora, is a wishlist of skincare and make-up products I want to test out.  Since branching out and blogging and starting to expand my social media world there are so many new products I want to test out. When I see an interesting new product, or a great review I just make a quick note or it here on this spread.  The list is a way for me to keep track of all this; and when its time to replace something I can try a new product and be more smart with my spending.


Following these lists is my “Face Time” log…and no this isn’t tracking use of Apple’s Face Time. Its just the fun little name I am using to track my skincare routines.  I was making a little note in my Plum Planner weekly spread of any masks or extra treatments I was doing, but it just was a meh effort. This new log is broken into AM and PM blocks, and is large enough for me to write out all the products I use, not just the special ones. I am really interested in expanding my skin care regime and so here I can write out all the specific products I am using. It will also be great to track what I am using so that if I have some sort of reaction or break-out I can pinpoint if something specific triggered it.


So far these are the only ones I have drafted out, but I have a bunch of other ideas to include. Some of them that I will be working on are: Instagram followers, work-out tracker, running list of blog post ideas and reviews, a cleaning routine, some sort of meal planning, and more. Stay tuned to see how my Bullet Journal keeps growing!

What are some trackers and collections that you find useful??

See you all soon,
~Caitlin from Beauty and Bullet Journaling


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