How to Save Money….all while using my bullet journal.

One of my New Year resolutions and areas of my life that I really wanted to focus on in 2017 was finances, and saving more money. Saving money has been somewhat of a struggle for me; I have saved money but not as regular as I should. And I have been bad about using my savings to cover other expenses that aren’t really emergencies.  For some reason, turning 25 in 2016 really made me snap too and realize that it’s probably time to start being a little more adult. Plus, I really am ready to start the house hunting process and want to be as prepared as possible for that day!

As I was planning and mapping out how to achieve my New Year’s goals, I came across the 52 Week Savings Challenge. It was just an image I saw on Pinterest, but it really grabbed my attention. Essentially, it’s a mapped out savings challenge where you deposit a certain amount each week and at the end of 52 weeks (a year) you have saved $5,000!! The amounts deposited each week range from $20 to $200, and start small but then increase. Also, something I really liked was that it’s not a constant increase each week.  One week you deposit $170 and then $60 and then $85. With this up and down, it seems like the challenge won’t just be a stressful activity as the year goes one.
I couldn’t believe how easy it was and how quickly I could build my savings. I decided then and there I was going to do it….but needed a way to track myself and keep me motivated. Enter the ever awesome bullet journal 🙂

I was so committed to seeing this through that my own little 52 Week Savings Challenge is my 2nd page in my bullet journal. Its front and center and impossible for me to miss. I kept the design simple but interactive. Each week I color in the box with that week’s savings amount. And the following week I move along the line; almost like a board game. Nothing too fancy, but it gets the job done. You can see that I already colored in the first week’s box!

savings post 2.jpg

**Pardon the poor lettering, this was my very first foray in bullet journaling so still working :)**

In order to make sure I don’t forget about it, I also include a little check box with my weekly spread in my Plum Paper planner. Every Sunday there is a note for my “WSC deposit” note to remind me. I truly feel this method will keep me engaged and committed to the year’s challenge!


Does anyone else have any tips or methods for saving money more consistently? Or any suggestions for tweaking this challenge? That is something I have quickly discovered about the world of bullet journaling: everything can be customized and made to fit what works best for each of us!

See you all soon!
~Caitlin of Beauty and Bullet Journaling

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