Welcome 2017!! Motivations and Goals for a New Me in a New Year

Happy New Year and Welcome to 2017! I have decided this is the year I am gonna buckle down and stick to my new year’s goals. Keep reading to see how.

This year I have decided rather than setting specific resolutions, like “I want to go the gym 5 days a week every week”, I was going to focus on general areas that I wanted to improve on. After a few weeks of reviewing and refining things, three areas developed: Health, Finances, and Me.

Within each area, I came up with some activities/ certain tasks that would help me. For example, under Finance I have decided I am going to do a weekly savings challenge to boost my savings and be consistent. Under Health, I am going to keep up my food log that I started, but work on eating out less.

Now with all of my focus areas and specifics narrowed down, I wanted a way to have them front and center throughout the year….what a perfect chance to utilize my new bullet journal!!! I created a cute and colorful welcome page at the very front of my bullet journal.


Now every time I open my bujo (which is multiple times a day) I am reminded of my goals and it keeps me motivated to follow through.

**For those reading closely, “Date More, Date Often” does not mean I am going out dating different people all the time. Rather, it has to do with my relationship with, in my personal opinion, the best guy in the world. Stay tuned for a post about this specific goal, and how I am using the bullet journal for it.

I hope everyone has a great 2017. And stay tuned to learn more about my new journey into bullet journaling as well as beauty product reviews and ratings, and anything else that may develop πŸ™‚


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